Thursday, June 7, 2007

Interesting fact of today

This might not be new, but M&Ms now have a color set that is "earth-toned" or something. Our office manager thought they looked more business-like, although I assured her we would eat any color M&Ms. They're baby blue, cerulean blue, maroon, beige, and dark yellow. They taste really good. Sort of like the regular M&Ms.

On another sugar note, there is all you can eat ice cream at the Scooper Bowl some place downtown. There is a cover fee of something like $7, and then its all you can eat with 11 different ice cream vendors, each with multiple flavors. It benefits some good cause, the Jimmy Fund (?) I think. I haven't gone yet, but plan on bringing a thermos if I go... FREE ICE CREAM!!!! (although its not technically free...).

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