Friday, September 21, 2007

A Moral Dilemma

Do I ride women's A or B at Gloucester? Comment freely...

Reasons to ride A:
-prove (to myself) that I can ride with the big girls
-I won 1 VERGE and took 2nd in another last year (and a 5th, 6th, 4th).
-I have a cat3 license
-Because Callie did it

Reasons to ride B:
-Ego (although I would still get a run for my money)
-I don't want to buy a UCI license
-Although they don't care, my parents will be there and I'd rather be at the front of the race so they can find me
-Sue, Erin, Cathy, and some other fast girls are riding B
-I don't ride a bike during the week anymore

Ideas? I'm leaning toward B's. Decision will be made after this weekend, I think.


Colin R said...

I'm not saying this is the right answer, but if you were Dave Zabriskie, you'd harden the fuck up.

gewilli said...

do you want to race with JUST women on the course or with women and some U15 and U19 juniors?

although the U15 are only racing for 10 minutes(??).

race is the same length...

A's get paid down to 15th
B's get medals and mech

I don't think your parents will have a problem picking you out of the A field.

Cathy said...

Yeah - go race in the A's, would ya? ;-)

Kris said...

nice pictures :)

Alex said...

Yeah, Dobie, I should totally put you in contact with that photographer!

Where else will you be shooting this year?

Kris said...

uh, i'll be at whichever races i can get to. i'll let you know beforehand if i'm going to one.

and by the way...sac up and race the A's. you're not going to learn anything by racing down, and even if you get your ass kicked it's better to get whooped by fast people than mediocre people. you're not putting in all these hours training to race the lollipoppers at ski-wocs are you?