Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Classic race

In brief: I have a pair of klister skis that I'm really, really, really trying to make work as powder skis. This experiment is not so successful, and I had very limited kick. But my doublepoling was on fire!

The longer version: I'm frustrated with those skis. They'll make a good klister ski, and I know that early season races is where you iron out these kinks, but I love that classic striding motion, and I get upset when I can't use it in a race. Listen to those thousand little violins playing for me. It was a good race. I think I can say that. I fought hard, I made do with my double poling, and I think the result was somewhere near where last season ended. That isn't a bad way to start the season. The course was flat, with one hill that they called the wall, so the double-pole and run technique wasn't nearly as disastrous as it would have been on a course like, say, Pineland, or Presque Isle.

So now I'm back in Boston. There is no snow here. Its not even cold here. The potential for being depressed is fairly high, except that I know the county has snow, so the first ECs are on, and I'm sure that Great Glen will do something to hold those sprints. No more 'cross for this girl, I'm a skier now =). A rollerskier...

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Leo C. Stein said...

Moo back in Boston now? Let's get together and eat and drink!