Monday, November 5, 2007

Ski Boots and Bindings for Sale

Thanks to my awesome sponsor Alpina, I am switching from SNS to NNN, so I have a lot of bindings for sale. I also have some boots for sale. Price is negotiable on all of these items, and I'll take special circumstances (trades, for instance, or if you're more broke than I am) into consideration. I am especially interested in trading for NNN2 bindings.

size 39 Sportful 6.9 Skating, pilot bindings. Bought in 2001 but never used. $50.

size 39 Salomon classic boots (bumblebee yellow). Used and abused for three seasons, including rollerskiing. $30.

4 pair of Salomon pilot bindings, good condition (all were on snow skis, not rollerskis) - $45 each.

2 pair of Salomon classic bindings, good condition (both from snow skis, not rollerskis) - $30 each.

1 pair of Salmon classic bindings, one of which is in good condition, the other one has a broken baseplate and was duct taped to the ski so is sticky. $20.

1 pair of Salomon skate bindings, not pilot. Had been on rollerskis. $25.

1 pair of Salomon classic bindings, from rollerskis. Binding clip part is in decent condition, but the baseplates were duct-taped to the rollerskis. $15.

(The rollerskis are not for sale. Sorry)

Shoot me an email or call me up if you're interested in any of this schwag. Or if you have some NNN bindings you want to trade me.

-Only 2 pair of pilot bindings left.
-The two pair of good classic bindings are sold.


Colin R said...

I probably want at least one set of those pilot bindings.

Unknown said...

I would like to buy the classic boots. Are already for sale??