Tuesday, November 13, 2007

West Yellowstone

I'm here! The "real" ski season for me has really begun. Except for the minor fact that I'm not skiing, yet. I mean, I would be skiing if I could. In fact, I'm pretty sure that up on the plateau there is skiable snow, but I'm broke and under 25 which means I can't get up there until somebody else goes up there, and takes me along for the ride.

Yesterday when I got in, there was no snow in town, and Tim Weston (the coach at Bridger ski foundation in Bozeman, and is originally from Fairport so I felt ok with cold-calling him to get a ride) decided that we may as well drive up to the plateau. there was maybe 1-2 inches of fresh stuff, and some harder snow underneath that, but nobody has been skiing there yet. Maybe 3 inches total. Skiable with rock skis and a sense of adventure, maybe.

Last night it snowed a bit, but by now its mostly burned off the roads and sidewalks. I went for a run on the rendezvous trails, and there was full snow coverage, but it needs another couple inches to be skiable. The trails are in great condition, no potholes or rocks or dog shit, so I believe fasterskier when they say that 3-4 inches will allow for grooming. Back into the waiting game...

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josh said...

enjoy your time out there. we'll miss you at cx races.