Thursday, January 3, 2008

Nationals 10k classic

Modern snow shaping equipment amazes me. We have 450 skiers racing here, each doing two laps of a course, plus everyone warming up on the course. That is 1350 skier laps on those tracks. By the end of the day, those tracks were still rock solid, the only sign of 1350 skiers going by being the pole trenches, which weren't even that bad. I suppose having fresh snow and a cold night to set things up doesn't hurt... but I couldn't help but be impressed. I guess I could have been focusing on my race instead. huh.

My race was blah. My body felt blah. My attitude was blah. But I had a rockin pirate headband.

The plan was similar to the last one, something along the lines of negative splits, the only problem was that I started slowly and got slower. Bad races happen. Its been great having Janice wax for us this week, I had some wicked fast skis today. I made a mistake testing skis at the wax test area instead of on the course, since the race tracks were so much more glazed, but that was my fault. Live and learn.

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