Saturday, January 5, 2008


I don't have any awesome pictures, because my camera battery died. I'll just share this one:


I know that I shouldn't have such high expectations having not raced on this level in the past four years, but when you feel that you've put together a good race and you end up 65th, its somewhat disappointing. I think I need to go all Marit Bjorgen style and get stronger. It was a fun course, I liked that there was a downhill and an uphill, and as usual times were really tight. I think it was like 10th- 30th were within four seconds or something. I still find that really cool.

Watching the heats was fun--it was particularly impressive when Kikkan Randall fell on the downhill in her quarterfinal and was already leading by the time they came around the uphill. That girl is on a roll, its awesome. I was secretly hoping that Laura Valaas would beat her in the A final, but Kikkan has some world class speed going for her. It was crazy how strung out that last heat was, I guess a fast race will do that.

Then Jess realized that she'd lost a pair of classic skis, and we went on a wild goose hunt to find them, until we finally looked where she'd left them last and they were there. Excitement all around. Tonight we gave up on eating pro on the go and ordered pizza. But I've finally put up the other PROs on the GOs. Tomorrow, classic team sprint and a looooooong ass drive home. Pirate Power!

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