Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pine Hill park-o

Last night, CSU ran a park orienteering race on the Pine Hill map at the Fells. This was where they held the A-meet a couple weeks ago, and the woods have only gotten thicker. Lori set a tricky little course, and I only barely managed to stay ahead of my feet, mentally. I put my route below, but I think the Garmin was freaking out under some of the thicker trees, because there are two extra zigs that I know I didn't do, on the way to 9 and on the way to 11. 8 was misplaced, but I only lost about a minute and a half on it, since I was certain I was in the right place and there was a flag. I circled the area briefly once, and then realized it wasn't there. Other people lost up to ten minutes going in circles... Still, it was a fun way to spend an evening. Much more fun than some urban park running race, like some of these can be.

The route also shows my cooldown, as the big outer loop. So don't get too confused.

Only one park-o left, thank goodness its not at the Fells. The Fells is a great place to run, with some really fun trails, but orienteering here is either a trivial trail run or a super technical, slow, thick-woods jog. No middle ground.

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