Thursday, January 26, 2012

General chaos of a day

After getting back from the Bates carnival, and feeling like I really could handle these three jobs and keeping my life in order and all that, I managed to have a pretty massive fail of a day on Sunday. Sunday was the first EHS qualifier race for Massachusetts, at Weston, so we had pretty much every CSU kid to wax for. Then in the afternoon, I was hosting a ski orienteering meet at Weston, chosen because that was the only weekend where I knew I'd be around to host the meet. To complicate this, Ed was departing for California for the World Cup prep at noon, and I planned to take him to the airport. Wooo scheduling!

Things didn't get off to an auspicious start when I managed to break my french press. I think something died inside of me when I saw the glass lying all over the kitchen floor. I contemplated going back to bed and staying there, but that wasn't really an option. I still didn't have a finished map for the Weston ski-o, since we'd only just gotten some snow (finally!!), and I didn't know how anything was groomed, so I still had to update the map, set the courses, and print the maps. No biggie. First I had a race to wax for. So, coffee-less, I made it to Weston, and began testing wax. Being Weston, parts of the course were freshly groomed, parts hadn't been groomed since last night, and parts had fresh man-made snow on top - basically, it was a shitshow, and no one wax was going to run fastest. We still managed to get fast skis under our kids, helped when you have fast skiers to begin with, and placed 11 boys in the top 20 (top 20 qualifier for EHS), and 17 of the top 20 girls. We also swept both podiums! Every day we're creeping closer to world domination.

I couldn't stay for the entire race, as I had to get back home to take Ed to the airport. Driving back, I hydroplaned on some barely-noticeable water on the exit ramp, and kissed a guardrail. Just a kiss on the cheek, really, quite demure, but the guardrail went and got all feisty and tried to take more than what was offered. Pretty pissed at myself for that one; I knew my tires were bad, but turns out they're actually completely bald. Anyway, I got home, and Ed told me I'm never allowed to buy another Honda Civic, because all I do is crash them. I'll pretend it's the car's fault, and not user error. Ed, being a fixer, had also found that I can replace the beaker for my coffee maker, and so salvaged that part of my day.

I quickly finished updating the Weston map, planned a course, and we piled Ed and his stuff into the still-driveable car, where we went to the airport via Ed's office so I could print maps. Then back to Weston, where I began setting up the ski-o event. That went pretty smoothly, and everyone seemed to have a really good time, but I was starting to get really cold and hungry by the end. I'd rather be skiing. So when I finally got home around 5:30, I wasn't done yet - the folks in California had just finished putting together the text for bulletin 3, and I'm the person in charge of publicity and stuff, so I was up pretty late getting that to look pretty and catching all the typos and mistakes before we published the bulletin. Oof.

Monday morning; turns out the car isn't going to be too much of a hassle to fix, and it's in the shop now, and I've ordered new tires. What is it Tom and Ray on Car Talk always say? The cheapskate always ends up paying more? Yeah. Anyway, I leave tomorrow morning at the crack o' dawn with Ali for California, where I'll hopefully not die from the altitude, and we'll put together some decent races. Half nervous, half excited. At least now Ed is out there rallying troops and getting things organized; it's hard to organize things from half a country away.

We have people from 14 different countries coming for the World Cup; so this should be wicked awesome! Team giggles attacks the world again, wahooo!

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