Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Evil Side

Thats right. Me. I started a blog. I guess, like everyone else out there on the internet, I would rather fill up what little free time I have with mundane drivel about my life than do something productive. Like make chocolate chip cookies.

So I have a job, right now, but its only a year long position, and it ends right around thanksgiving. For those of you in the skiing know, this is prime early-season skiing time. So, in the strange world of Alex-logic, the timing is perfect to start a pro-skiing career. Am I good enough? We'll find out, won't we... this would be where the luck and the hard work comes into play.

So, for anyone (parental units) who is interested in my whereabouts, hopefully this blog will keep you updated if I forget to call you (Don't wait by the phone). I'll post a tentative schedule at some point, primarily of races. My big goal here is to prepare for the 2009 Ski Orienteering World Championships, in Sapporo, Japan. If you know anyone who wants to sponsor the US Ski-Orienteering Team... please let me know.

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