Friday, April 20, 2007

The Shin Report, Part 1

All that bandage for this little tiny cut. I was finally allowed to take the bandage off, and I could see what they did. It really doesn't look all that impressive. Not that I want to impress people with scars... So anyway, I can walk around now, albeit in a gimpy sort of way, which makes today incredibly difficult: Its beautiful out! No wind! Perfect biking! And I can't bike... arrrrrrgh. But, at least I can walk. Thats step 1, I guess.


Colin R said...

lyne bessette would ride with one leg.

Alex said...

Lynne bessette would have done the surgery herself. While riding.

josh said...

thats gross alex. i puked a bit in my mouth.

and bessette would have done the surgery herself, while riding, descending some sketchy long mtn, no handed, and one footed.