Monday, December 28, 2009


I took a quick trip to Rochester for Christmas, carpooling with my brother. Its funny how when you don't drive a car for two years, you can really make your sister nervous with your driving. Christophe flew in to NYC, to see his girlfriend for a couple days before taking the Fung Wah up to Boston. I met him at South Station with my customary greeting of Chinese pork buns, and we took off westward-bound. Visits home never seem long enough, it was great to just be all together the four (five, if we count Tira) of us, and modern medicines are absolutely amazing - Tira could easily be mistaken for a puppy when shes outside. Only one episode of chasing live deer, luckily, although she does sleep for the rest of the day after a long, snifferful walk like that. Now I'm back in Boston, cramming in a couple days of work before I head off to Anchorage for XC nationals. Maybe there will be a Tuesday night race to break up the monotony of Weston's circle of ice.

Sometimes, for lack of a weight, you do lunges with a small table on your head.

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