Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Been a while...

Sorry to keep all three of you who read this blog waiting anxiously to hear the latest and greatest from the fabulous life of Alex. I took a short vacation before heading off to Lake Placid tomorrow, down on Nantucket with Ed's family, where they have a house that is normally all rented out in the high season, but I guess we aren't there yet. First I took a small detour up to UNH, though, to do some physiology testing with NENSA. I'd never done this before, but it wasn't as hard as it looked to breathe through the little tube thing. They make you run for a while, and every once in a while (3 minutes, to be exact), I'd get off the treadmill and they'd poke my finger to test the lactate level in my blood. This is useful data for us crazy skier folks, because then we can correlate how hard an effort is to the heart rate, which is data that can be taken easily while out skiing or running or bumbling into trees on a bike. A useful test to do, for sure, and most skiers on "real" teams do this at least once a year.

My fingers, unfortunately, are frigid even when I'm running as hard as I can on a treadmill in an 80 degree room, because they had to poke six different fingers to get enough blood out of me. At least they weren't taking blood from my toes?

The woman behind all the scenes! Janice is the one who makes NENSA happen, in my eyes.

Then I drove the other direction for a while, missed one ferry by 15 seconds, so went to get some DELICIOUS ice cream to console myself and wait for the next one.

Father and son fiddle with mechanical things.

Ed drove the tandem...

I found pretty things to take pictures of...


Looking back at the second seat. "wasn't there something there before? It got all quiet all of a sudden..."

Inside Cisco Brewery.

The distillery at Cisco. The stuff on the counter are their infusions-- strawberry-kiwi, and pineapple-habanero. The pineapple-habanero one tasted like chinese food to me... but in a good way.


Anonymous said...

Alex, did you call me this weeekend? Are you racing at Putney? You should!

Alex said...

Not racing at Putney, I'm up in Lake Placid at a ski camp. Good luck up there! Fun course!