Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cabane de Tracuit

Being in Switzerland, we had to do at least one overnight hike while here. By overnight hike, I do not mean schlepping tents, sleeping bags, etc all over creation - things are civilized in this country. You pack a picnic and maybe a rain jacket, and then you climb up to a hut perched on some glacier, and they feed you and sleep you, and then you either go to the next hut the next day, or climb a mountain, or go back down, your choice. We decided that our second day above sea level was not a good one to go climbing the Bishorn, so we just went up to the hut and back. I'll shut up now and just show the pictures. We're here with my parents, my brother, and his girlfriend Michaela. Sorry some of the pictures are sideways, my mom's computer seems to be auto-rotating them and won't let me change them so blogger thinks they're upright...

Ed, me, mama, papa, Michaela, Christophe

Cabane Tracuit

The blue evenings.

On our way out.


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