Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ski coaching is hard work

Yesterday, I lost my job (but I knew I was done with June). Today, I rode around in a car scoping rollerski roads all day, ate ice cream, picked strawberries, and rollerskied. Its a tough life.

I am one of the coaches at the CSU summer ski camp coming up, and as part of that responsibility, Rob and I headed out to Winchendon to check out possible rollerskiing roads and see the school where we'd be staying. We first met with the headmaster of the school, who showed us around - the dorms, the library, the cafeteria, the gym - its a typical New England private school, in other words nicer than most colleges. It basically seems like the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center, only with less focus on athletes. I think we'll be ok...

Rob knows this area really well as he used to spend summers here, the only problem is that the roads he remembers as having good pavement now have crappy pavement, but we found some good loops, with hills, good pavement, nice scenery, everything you need as a rollerskier. We even found a paved rail-trail for doing technique with the beginners. Most importantly, we tested the ice cream shop (you can't be serving skiers shoddy ice cream, after all), found a swimming hole, and discovered where there was mini golf.

I'm pretty pumped for this ski camp. We've got our schedule all ironed out, places to ski, and a great place to stay. Now we just need the athletes to bring their good attitudes... and figure out how to use that video camera.

Rollerskiers' heaven.

Alex heaven.

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