Monday, March 29, 2010

Adventure skiing

Being ski junkies, Ed and I couldn't resist one last weekend before all the white stuff melts out (most of it's gone by now anyway), plus, some of his southern cousins were up visiting Rob and his sugar house this weekend, which was bound to be fun. We hit up Magic Mt on Saturday, this is probably Ed's favorite place, mostly because its pretty low-key, friendly, and cheap, but more importantly, because its steep. I'd never actually been to Magic, so I locked my heels down for the first time all season and we headed over for their second-to-last day of the season. There were some definite bare spots, but where another mountain would have closed the run, Magic just says, ski it if you can, but don't blame us when you break yourself.

I don't go on chairlifts without my sweet blue fuzzy neck gaitor.

Old school style, check those pink salomon skis!

There was some incredibly sketchy, yet awesome, skiing to be had. Anything ungroomed was pretty solid in the morning, but softened up significantly by the afternoon, making for some sweet bumps skiing. There was a time in my life when I could ski moguls and make it look sexy, now I just bash my way down the hill, and its still fun, but it don't look too good. I still couldn't stop myself from heading down the lift line run, though... Wish I'd gotten a picture of the huge bare spots!

Pretty sure you aren't supposed to see the snowmaking pipes across the trail when you're skiing... or all those rocks. The skiing was that good.

Spring skiing in VT!

Steeper than it looks. But the bumps were the perfect size for me.

We went adventuring on Sunday - I've never been on the Rootbeer Ridge trail, off the Moses Pond road, and according to our local sources, it was in darn good shape two weeks ago. That's good enough for us, so we headed out on rock skis, unsure of what we'd find. We found some sweet skiing, as well as some super sketchy (but awesome) skiing. We went up the more gradual side of the loop and down the steeper side, which would have been even more awesome if a) either of us knew the trail, or b)either of us knew if there was a bare spot or open river coming up.

Skiing up through a recently-logged meadow. Ed is on my skis because I didn't have thick enough klister, and his were too soft, so when we switched, it was perfect for both of us. And then we switched back coming down, because I want the pleasure of breaking my own skis.

Occasionally the trail did this.

You can't really tell from this photo how rutted out and wavy the trail was - those humps were just the right size to sink your ski into them and snap it in half, so we did a fair bit of looping through the woods to avoid that. Now I'm itching to know what the trail looks like without the snow...

View from Rootbeer Ridge.

Wow, check out how dirty that snow is! Oh, wait.

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