Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sprint day

I want you to look at the following pictures:

OJ boys: 1. Alex Schulz (NE), 2. Skyler Davis (NE), 3. Chase Marston (NE).

J2 boys: 1. Cole Morgan (IM), 2. Eli Hoenig (NE), 3. ?, 4. Jack Hegman (NE)

J1 boys: 1. David Sinclair (NE), 2. Jackson Rich (NE), 3. Hans Halvorson (NE)

OJ girls: 1. Kaitlyn Miller (NE), 2. Alaska girl, 3. Midwestern girl.

J2 girls: 1. Corey Stock (NE), 2. Heather Mooney (NE), 3. Maddy Pfeifer (NE)

J1 girls: 1. Isabel Caldwell (NE), 2. Alaska girl, 3. Gage Fichter (NE)

We took 13 of 18 possible podium spots. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that we had an awesome day. We gave a bunch of fast kids some awesome skis, and look what happened!

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kitty jospe said...

looks pretty awesome to me!