Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bitter Pill AR photos

The GMARA Bitter Pill race organizers took 2000 photos, and since I am now a grad student (and therefore my time is worth basically nothing, if you go by the salary), I went through them and found some of our team, the Snot Rocketeers. All photos are from GMARA, taken with permission.

Gear check, the night before.

The "before" picture. Actually doesn't look all that different from the "after" photos...

Beautiful mist on the water that morning. Because I'm not usually up early enough to appreciate that...

Approaching the portage.

Coming in to the portage. Chris, one of the organizers, greeted us with a "why am I NOT surprised that you guys are the first ones out of the water?" Apparently Adrian and Jon have a reputation to live up to...

Awkward position on the second thwart not only bruised my seat bones, it cramped my hip flexors in a not-so-pleasant way. Better than kneeling though, comfort-wise.

Snot Rocketeers heading into the misty yonder.

Heading out on the trek, all full of energy after our three-hour paddle and 1000ft climb on the bike. Yea, orienteering!

In the TA.

At the TA going from trek to hike-a-bike, with the race organizer marking the extra time bonus control (thanks for that extra 1000ft climb, we needed that) on our maps.

This gives you a good idea of the grossness of the swim. Check out all the floating mats of vegetation...

At the finish. Adrian, naturally, has a blue plastic frog stuck into his nostril. We take ourselves very seriously around here.

What, someone pointed a camera at me? Better make a funny face...

Snot Rocketeers won the race. Here we're all presentable and stuff, since they let us take showers at the hotel.

In our regional adventure race champions jackets. Since its over my fleece jacket, it almost fits!

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