Friday, March 21, 2008

Body-slamming trees

Its generally not a great idea. Slamming one's body into trees, that is. During this activity, I happened to be wearing my GPS. Here are some interesting stats:
Speed I was going when I entered the corner and realized I was going too fast: 26mph
Speed I was going when I hit the trees: 20mph
Max speed during the course of the race: 35mph

When I first got a road bike, I was in fifth grade. I was amazed at how fast you could go, and I got a spedometer for my birthday so I could clock my top speeds. Knickerbocker hill was the biggie around where I lived, and until I got older and stupider I had to work hard to break 35mph down that hill (there is a stopsign at the bottom... details). Its fast. Yeah, I had no point except to say I'm glad I walked away from that crash. One more race tomorrow, then that might be it for snowtime.

Colin stole (well, I guess I gave it to him) my google earth picture from my garmin and nicely annotated it, so I stole it back and added the location of my corner:

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Jamie said...

Excellent likeness!