Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The case for bike commuting

Recently, when I've wanted to go to Weston to coach or race or just ski, I've been stealing Ed's truck from him at work and driving there. Let me tell ya, driving in Boston at 5:30 pm, not so much fun. Normally, I take a bus, so I can chill out and read a book and ignore the fact that I'm mired in traffic. But the buses don't go to Weston. Unrelated, I rode my bike yesterday. I re-discovered a couple things I'd managed to forget.

1. Biking up hills is hard work. Even the little hills kind of suck.

2. Biking makes my butt hurt.

3. There are not only a lot of stupid people driving cars; there are a lot of stupid people riding bikes out there too.

I don't really feel like ranting, I just feel like complaining. Maybe someday I'll re-remember how to love riding bikes. Definitely not there yet... Tonight is the last Tuesday night race, before Weston dissolves into a puddle of goose poop. Woo! Spring skiing!

1 comment:

Luke S said...

woohoo goose poop race! considering racing on my bad skis....haven't waxed the good ones in a while, and even if I had i wouldn't want to get goose poop on them.