Friday, March 14, 2008

One race left...

My desire to race is close to nil, which is pretty perfect timing, given that I have one race left (possibly two) and its the end of the season. I won't be heading out to Fairbanks for Spring Series, if any of you were wondering, mostly because I don't have that kind of dough floating around, even after my winnings in the race to the clouds.

This weekend is the Eastern Highschool Champs, where I'm coaching on Saturday; with any luck the waxing will be extra blue and everyone will be happy. My desire to wade through gallons of klister is also pretty low... but if it needs to be done it needs to be done. Sunday is the Sugarloaf Marathon, hosted by the Colby ski team as a fundraiser. If you're interested in doing another marathon, this should be a good one, come support my alma mater ski team!

Provided I survive another fifty kilometers of skating (have I mentioned my knee makes funny, painful, creaking noises when I skate and that my calf wants to blow up when I skate fast?), they are promising another Tuesday night race next Tuesday. The snowpack has mostly dwindled to a puddle of goose-poop-slime-slush, but who can really say no to skittering around a golf course on skis?

Here is the fun stuff, though: Saturday the 22nd, Gunstock is tempting us with a Formula One Spring Fling. Here is some more information. Basically, its a 500m skate qualifier, then a mass start pursuit-type sprint race. Your position in the mass start is based off your qualifier, and you do ten 500m laps, switching equipment every lap. I CAN'T WAIT! This basically takes the parts of a pursuit that I'm best at (transitions and sprinting and mass start shenanigans) and makes that the whole race.


Anonymous said...
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Luke S said...

That makes about as much sense as...well I can't think of a good comparison but it makes little or no sense and sounds incredibly fun!