Thursday, June 10, 2010

Corridor training

Now that the park-os are over, we CSU orienteers are left to our own devices to do some orienteering training each week. I signed up for this week, since I knew I'd be here, and decided to use my local park, Hammond Pond. I wanted to do some compass work, so I set a corridor course. The idea is that you follow the corridor of map shown using your compass to travel in a straight line, and you can check off features along the way to figure out an attackpoint.

I went out Wednesday morning to hang the streamers, following the corridor map (although, I did have a full map with me for if I couldn't find the right feature to hang the streamer on - nothing is worse than a misplaced control). Things went pretty well, except for 13, where I just wasn't really paying close enough attention. I was also sort of moving slowly, but sometimes its just hard to move fast in the morning.

The track is a little off, because I started out from the parking lot slightly to the north of the line to 3, and then picked up my backpack where I'd left it in the pit next to 11 (morning = get to work afterward, hence the backpack). And of course I went from 17 to 2 and then to 1 and then back to 17 to pick up my backpack, but I was trying to go straight for all of those.

A fun exercise! Definitely one I'd like to do again, and this time running for more of it. It was raining too hard when everyone else ran it in the evening, I decided that I didn't have to re-run this thing in the rain... went straight to Ross and Sam's house for dinner instead!

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