Monday, June 7, 2010

Orienteering up a storm

Ha. Ha.

Except you won't even get the bad pun if you weren't outside in Boston at 6:09pm on Thursday night, when the sky exploded and all the water fell down at once. Forget raindrops, we're talking waterfalls. This was in the midst of the most intense thunder and lightning I've ever seen. I know that being outside in a thunderstorm is dangerous, and to be totally honest I was a little freaked out, but I didn't stop running. Its something about being competitive, you don't want to lose those precious seconds. And the sheets of rain and terrifying thunder made things way more interesting.

This was the last park-o of the season, so we followed it up with a grand meeting of CSU version 3.0 (the Bermans were version 1.0, Boris, Ken and Misha were version 2.0, and the current crop of runners is version 3.0) to plan some training for the summer over a feast of random Chinese food from the Taiwan Cafe. I don't recommend the stinky tofu. It smells like manure. And its supposed to smell that way.

Back to the race... I started about a minute behind Jessica Rykken, and as I slowly closed the gap, I ran by this couple sheltering under a tree (did I mention the torrential rain), and I overheard the guy saying "Look! There goes another one!" Ah, yes, we are indeed whackos...

I ran a clean race, as fast as I could, but unfortunately it was not fast enough to beat Brendan. Or Ian, or Ross, or SGB, or Boris, or Giovanni. Results. But I did scalp Ali and Ed =).

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