Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I was instructed to come visit London before I started this grad-school silliness, so I hopped over the Atlantic puddle last weekend to visit the England-based part of my family. Because no non-orienteering travel would be fun without incorporating some orienteering, SGB supplied me with a couple maps of local parks. Addicted? Perhaps. But when something like this is out the door, how can I resist?

The cool part was that I got to fly in the upstairs of a jumbo jet. Never done that before, it was quite exciting, in a this-is-exactly-like-the-downstairs-(but I'm upstairs!) sort of way.

It was great to see Roger, and Edward and the little monsters, and I was subjected to all sorts of culture. Ack! Thank god for some orienteering to maintain my dumb jock status. Roger took Billy for a walk while I explored the Wimbledon woods, it turns out that the woods in England have many more pointy things trying to scratch me than I expected, between the thick patches of briars, the stinging nettles, and the holly trees, but for the most part it was very nice running. Gotta get that endorphin kick!

Now back to reality... but not for too long, thankfully.

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