Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial day vacation

I'm relatively incapable of just relaxing on vacation, so I headed to Vermont after the Wachusett race, to try out this "vacation" thing. I think I blew it by doing an 11mi run/hike with Ken Walker on Saturday, but it was a gorgeous day for a run, and he was just as sore as I was from too much running the day before, so we made for good gimpy partners.

We shuttled one car to the Danby road end of things and took the other car to Mad Tom Notch to start the run, and it was a beautiful, very runnable, dry and well-maintained stretch of the AT. The first hour felt good, loosening up my stiff legs and enjoying the scenery, the second hour was alright too. The third hour, well, my legs were about ready to be done with this whole running game.

View west from Baker Peak.

Wildlife! I think toads are cute.

Griffith lake.

More wildlife. Why does Ken look so smug?

Awesome sketchy bridge that was closed and being repaired. There was a sign at Mad Tom Notch warning us that the bridge was closed, please take the detour through Old Job, and trying to ford would be ill advised. Well, when you put it like that, how can we NOT try and ford? Luckily, water level is pretty low right now, we had no issues, and I even kept my feet dry.

Ed with the motorbike... I'm a little worried he thinks it would be a good idea to buy one of these.

In a strange reversal of roles, Ed went out rollerskiing on Monday, while I stayed home, finished my book, and took a nap.

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