Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 4

It was awesome, as always. I'm really hurting without my camera; the fireworks were pretty great, way more than last year and some giant big mortars and shake your whole body when they go off, I sat there and watched them without trying to take photos of them for the first time in I don't know how long. Ed acquired 84lbs of chicken for the Trout Club party on Saturday, and cooked it to just the blackened state that I love. Don't know about everyone else, but combined with his smoked maple syrup bbq sauce, I thought it was delicious. Some running, too much of that, really, and a completely failed attempt at a bike ride, which resulted in three dead tubes, a dead tire, four miles of riding, and two hours. The stars were not aligned correctly on July 5th.

I'm in Amherst now, all moved in to my new place, which comes with two super friendly labs and a dammed lake next door, which, when its 100F in the shade, is a nice touch. I've been exploring the trails and roads a bit, covered 42mi and 1000m of climb yesterday on my road bike, which is more than I've done all summer, I'm a hurtin' pup right now. Just haven't been interested in my bike, but in a new setting, it seems like a good idea to ride it, so maybe I'll actually be in shape come 'cross season.

Today I head to Winchendon for the CSU ski camp, and the heat looks like it isn't going to break for a while, so hopefully none of our little ski campers die of heat stroke. That would probably shut us down for good. The coaches, well, I think we'll be ok if we can lay off the coffee-and-beer diets we're all on, I hear water hydrates you better.

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