Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sizzlin' CSU Summer Camp

NYC set a new heat record on Tuesday, and so naturally the CSU summer camp got underway during this disgustingly hot and humid spell in the northeast. Winchendon doesn't feel much cooler than more southern bits of the east coast, but at least we have a pool here. The skiers braved the heat and humidity and did about two hours of skate technique on Wednesday afternoon, and only one girl almost fainted from heat stroke. After a quick shower we managed to get everyone in the pool, which, with 30 kids, is a feat.

Thursday morning was an early one, with a morning run and yoga session. The kids didn't seem too happy about this whole "early morning" thing, but for some reason my sympathy button is broken. The humidity was even worse this morning, visibility could have been measured in feet, not miles - it was like running through a cloud, only clouds are cold. Our first workout of the day was hillbounding/ski walking intervals at Mt. Watatic, and I was impressed with the calibre of our group - no whining! We did a fun, painful workout, and then I ran back up to the top just for kicks. That would make a good uphill running time trial. Brief stretch, lunch, and more pool time.

The afternoon workout was an overdistance skate workout for the older kids, the mid-range kids did a shorter skate ski, and the "green" group (we have a red group, blue group, gold group, and green group - I want a shiny group) did classic technique, which I coached. We saw a lot of improvement... hopefully they'll remember at least one thing from that lesson. Then it was dinner, celebration of Hannah's birthday, mini golf, and ice cream. For the first time in a long time, I got a hole-in-one, but I wasn't able to repeat it, and then totally cracked under the pressure, losing the game to Olga and Stoddard.

Tomorrow brings more fun, but the humidity seems to have cracked, so this 80+ degree weather is much more bearable.

I managed to get a deerfly bite in the armpit, of all places.

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