Friday, July 2, 2010


Wednesday was my last day of work at TNC, and it was a fairly stressful time leading up to that - when you know that your contract is ending, but you're mid-project, it makes a lot of sense to pass things on to your replacement in as organized and sensical fashion as possible. This takes work, but I got all that pesky documentation done. And my replacement is wicked smaht, so I don't fear for the project, but it sure is hard to give up the data you've been working on for a year (or four). Anyway, I think I built bridges rather than burnt them, so that always feels good to leave a place in good standings. My coworkers got together and gave me a huge basket of Trader Joe's goodies (mostly chocolate) as a thankyou/goodbye, they know me, like to make sure I'm fed =).

Now I'm packing up large parts of my life and fitting it into my car and going to grad school, starting some time after vacation in July. UMass Amherst, in the Natural Resource School. I have a lot of pesky little details to figure out there, but I have faith that all that administrative crap is going to iron itself out... I might have to bestir myself to move it along though.

Change is hard. But I'm excited.

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