Thursday, December 16, 2010


As is often the way, I spent a couple days in London to visit family before heading on to Sweden. We've had a lovely couple of days, mostly I just do whatever Roger normally does each day - we went to the club (his gym, which is the fanciest gym I've ever been to), to his art class, spent a good bit of time reading (although in my case I was working on my statistics take-home exam), and seeing my uncle and cousins. A good way to recoup some energy and drink lots and lots and lots of tea. Do the English ever not want a cup of tea?

They have this cool rent-a-bike program in London - you can get the first 30 minutes free, and rent a bike, and leave it at any of the little rent-a-bike stands all over the city. Then its something like 4 pounds an hour, but, its an expensive city.

I can't NOT take pictures of myself like this. Laughing.

I like desserts. A well-known fact.

The desserts at my favorite shop - Ottolenghi's, the caterer around the corner from Pitt St.

From the art class. Re-remembering how to do it. Haven't drawn a live person in quite a while.

I was given a fun hat.

Double deckers!

Pitt st at night.

Myself and Olivia, cousin.

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