Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A true vacation

After nationals, I headed to VT to hang out with Ed and have a true vacation for a couple days. This concept of vacation is a foreign one to me - you mean, you're supposed to do nothing all day?? Luckily, I figured out how vacations work pretty quickly, and I didn't realize how badly I needed some R&R until I got to VT and started sleeping 11 hours a night. Boy was that nice. There is something truly special about waking up, and not having ANYTHING that you have to do, other than maybe go skiing at some point. We had some wonderful meals, wonderful company, and wonderful skiing. I needed that.

I am SO SICK of driving.
Used to know this road so well. Any guesses on which road and where on it?

Rob and Anne have a puppy now. She is so cute, I had immediate puppy-itis.

Time for a ski! The Danby road was nicely groomed, until it snowed on our sweet tracks.

We spend so much time hanging out at the Ogdens, we invited them over (in their matching West River BKL jackets) for some llama stew. It was scrumptious. Many games of Uno followed. I lost.

So, with vacation over, I headed back to Boston on Monday. The heat was off in our apartment, and I figured it would just take a while to warm up, so I set the thermostat and headed out for a ski (40km at Weston. WHY????), but it wasn't any warmer when I got back, and there wasn't any hot water, either. I should have A) called our landlords, and B) gone somewhere else for the night, but I was tired, so bundled myself up really well in bed and tried to sleep. Ed wasn't coming back until Tuesday, and I figured I'd wait for him to get home before I called anyone, planning to spend most of Tuesday running errands (in my car, with HEAT), but I never got around to that, and spent much of the day under fifty thousand blankets in bed. I was feeling kind of achey and tired, not sure if it was because it was cold inside, or I was (am?) coming down with something. Eventually I waxed my skis (start green, I was cold, man), took off half my layers, and drove to Weston for the night race.

Ed arrived at some point while I was skiing, and has informed me that its really bad when a house doesn't have heat. You're supposed to call the heat people immediately. Whoops. Anyway, we're all set now, and life is much better after a hot shower.

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