Monday, August 13, 2007

24 hours of Great Glen--the short version

So I think this sums it up:

Things that hurt:
-right knee from hitting it on someone's bike and bruising it badly first lap
-left knee from crashing on it/puncturing myself
-right forearm from re-opening the road rash from last week
-forehead from the bruise when I slid down the hill on my face
-hip where its bruised from crashing on it
-neck and shoulders from either crashing or more likely muscling my bike over wet roots
-lower back from just riding hard for 7 hours

Things I broke:
-helmet (yes the new one I just bought on wednesday)
-helmet mount for my light

Things I lost:
-one rear brake pad
-my timing chip (but only for one lap thank god)
-my mind

Hours slept: 2.5
Number of crashes: between 8 and 25, depending on what you call a crash
Number of times I had to adjust my front brakes: 4
Number of times I had to bring my bike to the pit: 2
Number of times I got passed by Boobar: 4
Number of times I beat Tracey's lap times: all my laps
Number of IBC riders: 14 (including our teams as IBC)
Number of ibuprofen tablets taken: 9
Miles ridden: 59.5 (although only 51 official ones)
Approximate number of calories eaten: 7000
Gallons of water drunk: 2.5
Number of mechanicals on the trail: 0!

Overall: Great time!!!! I can't wait for next year. Although given the rate I'm going through helmets right now, I think I better give racing a break for a bit...

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Jess said...

Ohmygosh! Another helmet? Yeah I'd say that you + bike = trouble.