Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More stupid decisions

Tomorrow, I head to the Regional Elite Group (REG) camp in Lake Placid. These camps are awesome--some of the best coaches from around the country come and coach you for six days, and you get to train and hang out with other like-minded skiing fiends at a facility specifically designed with athletes in mind. Its a pretty great setup. On the agenda are multiple technique sessions, intervals, a time trial, a trail run, OD rollerskis, strength sessions, technique analysis... these are a packed six days.

You'd think, given my last couple weeks of wimpiness, that I'd be over the whole whining thing. Well, apparently the reason I felt so crummy yesterday was because I have some sort of bacterial throat infection... they ruled out mono (thank god), and ruled out (95% certainty) strep, but whatever it is, they said that after 24 hours on antibiotics, I'm not contagious. Which, to me, means I can go to the camp. Smart? No. But since I don't think I've made a smart decision yet this month, I'm going anyway. Not only did I have to pay money for this camp, its way too valuable an experience to miss. We'll see how I feel... As long as noone else gets sick, I'm happy. Nobody touch my gatorade this weekend!

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