Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Pictures from Olympic Peninsula

Four adults, two beagles, one car... and Rudi drove the car, obviously. Actually, it was a lot less hellish than I thought to have a dog sit mostly on your lap for many hours at a time. Thank god for frequent stops though.

Our view from Hurricane Ridge was pretty universal--although at times the mist in the trees got pretty dramatic.

This would be cresent lake--where we ate lunch one day. As you can see, a storm swept through, creating some awesome clouds and mist, as well as some wet picnickers.

We went to this beach, Rialto, that had these amazing sea stacks. There was also amazing driftwood--giant, giant trees, bleached by the sea. It was pretty cool.

Ed found a club. He was looking for baby seals to club, but only found Rudi, who didn't seem too adverse to being clubbed...

Different beach, back in the rain.

This is a rainforest, olympic peninsula style. Apparently its some of the only temperate rainforest in the lower 48. Very different looking than the stuff I saw in New Zealand.

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