Monday, August 20, 2007

Race report... HA!

I set myself a 20 mile curfew from my house last weekend. Basically, I was doing too much racing, too much travel, too much training... and I got sick. And stayed sick. And realized what I already knew: I was doing too much.

So having a gimpy knee all last week gave me an excuse to train only 6 hours. I don't think I've had a week this low (not counting April) since possibly sophomore year of college. I slept in and ate strawberry waffles on Saturday. And then I took a nap. I contemplated going for a ride, and ended up taking another nap.

Sunday, I went peach picking. They charge you extra if you overfill your cardboard box of peaches, so Anna and I made sure we got our money's worth by eating 3-4 peaches each, repacking our box twice to make sure we had the maximum number of peaches in there, and stuffing a couple extras in our pockets. Cheating the system? Maybe, but I don't think I'm any stranger to that...

Then, we went rollerskiing. We did the two hour CSU loop. Anna mostly no-pole skated because of her gimpy shoulder, I mostly double poled because of my gimpy knee. It was a very relaxed, mellow sort of ski. And now its Monday, and this is the first Monday in a very long time where I haven't felt completely beat by the previous weekend. Its nice, in a way. But I can't wait to race again.

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