Friday, August 10, 2007

Great Glen Prep

The 24 hours of great glen is this weekend. I've never done a 24 hour race before; I've done 12 hour ROGAINEs (no, nothing to do with the hair product) with Ed before, but that was only 12 hours and it was on foot. I guess that is considerably harder than 6 hours on a bike (I'm on a team of four). But I'll save those harder/easier comments for afterwards, because who knows, I might wreck myself as I have a tendency to do on that bike. Its funny though, I would much rather ride my mt bike than my roadie, despite my propensity for crashing. In any event, I'm super psyched to do this race, and not just from the racing standpoint--my team is amazing, and we all get along great, although we'll see if that changes after 24 hours together! Shoul be a great time. We'll see how I feel afterwards...

I thought it was just a bike race. Then I got the two page, color-coded, excel spreadsheet outlining all the stuff we need/want to have there. Wow. There were little check marks by people's names, indicating that they had to supply certain group things. My name was checked by the "baked goods" row. Ok, I can do baked goods. I (and my team) were imagining something like a batch of cookies and a batch of muffins. Just food that tastes good enough that you can eat it after you're sick of bars and gels. Well, I made the mistake (perhaps not a mistake) of telling Jackie I was going to bake things, and we started baking last night, and continued for a good six hours.

We ended up with zucchini lemon muffins, carrot spice muffins, maple walnust banana bran muffins, blackberry scones, lemon bars, oatmeal cookies, and chocolate cherry chocolate chip cookies. Holy cow.

So all these delicious baked goods make me want to not pack/clean my bike/fix my bike/study for the GREs. All valid things that need to get done. And I want to just sit here and eat blackberry scones. I'm going to have to make more of those before tomorrow at the rate these are disappearing...

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