Sunday, August 26, 2007

REG camp part 1

So I'm up in Lake Placid, enjoying the humidity and heat with about 15 other skiers. Its been super humid, but that might be just because we're training while the sun is up or something. At least the swimming holes are good and the water is cold...

I've been taking it pretty easy--using the shortest possible option for workouts and keeping strictly in the zone I mean to be in--and doing this at a training camp really, really, sucks. You finally have a chance to ski with people, and you have to cut yourself off... at least I figure this is probably the smartest decision I've made all summer (not training too hard).

The first day we got together and did a short classic rollerski, followed by some strength. Friday was hill bounding and ski walking intervals in the morning, and then a distance skate ski in the heat of the afternoon. Saturday we did a distance double pole with some accelerations to max power in the morning, and went for a hike/run in the afternoon. Training posts are boring, I know, but I find it interesting to see what elite skiers do at a camp :). We eat, we train, and we rest... its glamorous, let me tell ya.

The OTC hasn't changed since I was last here, still great endless food and posters from like 1970 that I wish I had hanging on my walls. The coaches here are Janice Sibilia, Chris Cook, Paul Stone, and Andrew Johnson just arrived last night. Most of the skiers are college skiers, there are three guys still in highschool, and a smattering of post-college skiers (if Dave Chamberlain can be called post college).

So, yeah, training, woot! Pictures of people jumping off of giant rocks to come.

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