Wednesday, September 22, 2010

NENSA's nordic symposium

Last weekend was NENSA's nordic symposium, I think the first ever, and I was pretty psyched to see that it was in Boston, so signed up early on. The CSU coaches were in attendance, Rob and Jamie, and Jim and John from BKL, as well as a couple interested parents. Other people were there as well, but they're clearly less important than the CSU folks. We had a stacked list of speakers, and my only complaint from the weekend would be that there was just so. much. information. that my brain was reeling by the time I walked out on Sunday. All good stuff, though, and I always leave these coaching things full of crazy new ideas, mostly related to coaching.

I was thinking of summarizing some of the talks, but Rob already did that for SkiTrax, so I'll just link to the articles. I do have very detailed notes on all the presentations, so if you're interested in those, send me an email and I can get them to you. I highly recommend this symposium, and if NENSA holds another one next year, I'll be back for sure!

Friday evening

The only part that wasn't cool was that we spent all day inside, and there wasn't really time for training. But with a gimpy knee, that is probably for the best. You could tell most of the participants wanted to go do something outside, though - skiers, through and through!

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