Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ode to a new computer

I just bought a new mac, that'll be fast enough to run ArcMap without choking. Its pretty sexy. This computer has brought out a previously-unknown machine-lust within me. I can't stop touching it, I find myself telling it what a sexy beast it is, as it purrs away crunching numbers. Installing new programs brings more excitement than I thought possible, stroking the trackpad to make it do my bidding. Terrifying. I think I'm in love.

Classes have started. Demoted to student again. In a somewhat rude awakening, one of the professors announced that while he doesn't grade on attendance, he does give a quiz at the beginning of every class, the sum of which counts for 40% of the overall grade. I found that insulting to my sense of freedom as a grad student. In another strike against the department, the noob orientation meeting went from 5:30-7:15pm, and there was no free food. This does not bode well for future meetings.

I've banged up my knee somehow, which means I can't run. Riding bikes doesn't seem to bring the same satisfaction, every trail I ride, every corner I turn, I think how I'd rather be running. I hate feeling tethered to the earth. Its such a crime to be injured when you're fit. Considering racing my bike this weekend anyway.

Ed is in Boston. I am in Amherst. The hardest part is cooking for one, making it so damn clear what's missing.

Things are just dandy.

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