Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A happy birthday visit

My mom's birthday was last Sunday, so Christophe and I decided to come home as a surprise visit for her. I think she had sort of figured out what was going on well ahead of time, and then my dad really blew it when he went to Wegmans and got things like Cheerios, gummy bears, a couple types of ice cream, and a whole bunch of cheeses... Anyway, despite the surprise not being quite as surprise-y as planned, it was still a wonderful weekend, and I definitely enjoyed being home and all together for a couple days.

The photos are from Chimney Bluffs and then some very serious dessert-eating and card-playing.

The birthday girl didn't want this one, she wanted to try that one.

This might be a good time to mention that we had four different types of desserts, and each was cut into four pieces, so we each ate a piece, then passed it on. Apparently, I eat dessert too slowly, so I was in danger of losing the dessert my brother had just passed to me, despite not being done with my first piece... rough life.

The chocolate mousse was that good.

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