Monday, April 12, 2010


Some of the CSU moms decided a while ago that the kids needed to be exposed to some more flexibility training, and I agree with them. We train train train to be good at distance and eventually, our movements get shortened to the smallest possible motion - efficient, mostly, but how can you expect to apply power through the full range of motion if you can't move through the full range of motion? So Cathy Schen set up her favorite yoga instructor to come do a class with the skiers. He noticed that we all had great strength, good balance, and crap flexibility... go figure. He also has no clue what nordic skiing is, which is fairly amusing. I should probably send him some youtube videos.

But it feels so nice to be all stretched out now. After an hour of breathing and reaching and stretching and relaxing I feel like I'm two inches taller, and I can't seem to find my usual slouch. Where did it go? The best part about yoga, though, isn't about the stretching - its the focus. An hour of concentrating solely on me. It feels so selfish, to not be making lists and planning things out thinking about whatever problems there are that need thinking - the only thing in my brain is my breath, in and out, and the sensations of my body. I can see how people get into this... what a luxury.

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