Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Family time

I went home to Rochester last weekend, to see Christophe, the parental units, Michaela, and Tira. Flying made it super easy, except for the minor delay on Monday morning when the plane was discovered to be missing its static wick, and the Rochester International Airport, not having any static wicks in house, had to fly one in from Philadelphia. Anyway, it was a great weekend, great to just hang out and be happy with my family and my dog.

It just so happened that the Rochester Orienteering Club was hosting a meet on Sunday, so I headed up to Webster park, dragging along my parents to make them finally try some orienteering. Christophe and Michaela got out of it because I didn't want to force my brother's girlfriend to run in the rain if she didn't want to - she must already think this family is weird enough. Luckily, Linda Kohn was there to teach beginners how to orienteer, because I tend to leave out the important bits when I'm teaching, sometimes. I went off on my red course and they went off on their yellow course, and we finished in about the same time.

I was hoping to have a clean run, I've been orienteering a bunch recently, so you'd think this would translate to fast, clean, orienteering, but apparently not. I started out with a 6-minute mistake, making a parallel error on a trail and getting totally turned around. It didn't get much better after that, but I certainly ran hard. The quickroute tells the story. The other really bad spot was #6, when I was just being stupid. My run was good enough to win the open women's race, but only good enough for 7th among the men running Red. All the same, it was a good course on a good map, and the P-units claimed to have fun too. I really just wanted to subject them to it, so that they could better relate to what the heck I'm talking about when they ask "so, how was your weekend?"


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k.d. jospe said...

absolutely wonderful. Still living it. Love the orienteering -- the woods make up for"mistakes".