Friday, November 19, 2010

Orienteering publicity, or the lack thereof

This is brilliant. Its in Polish, but, the reason its brilliant, is that it doesn't even matter. You totally get what orienteering is and how it works. The first 6 minutes basically explain the sport, how come Orienteering USA doesn't have something similar? Instead, they have this. Yawn. No wonder only old guys in their hiking boots and surveying compasses are attracted to this sport, I don't think that brochure mentions once that it is a race. I guess I shouldn't knock that brochure too much, I mean after spending 10 minutes to read the whole thing, I understood what orienteering was.

Sigh. I don't have time to take on a publicity campaign for a sport that doesn't care to be recognized as competitive... I guess that's why the serious orienteers move to Europe. At least there seems to be a growing consensus among the competitive runners in the US that we need to actually do something to change the face of our sport, and the new website is a good start. Too bad it can't also serve as a results database, then people might actually go there!

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