Thursday, November 4, 2010

Random photos from the fall

I seem to have collected lots of photos from various races and things over the fall, and felt that this was a good place to put them. I like photos.
From a recent training exercise at Mt. Tom.

Pre-corn maze fiesta. Not sure what Ken is doing.

Here, I definitely know what Ken is doing - taking straight shots of "maple magic" for some extra oomph during the corn maze.

This is Hartford. I thought it was pretty. I had time to kill on my way to the Lowlander, when Ross and Sam were scooping me up from the train station en route to Neil's.

Diaper-butt (or leakybutt) heading into the corn maze.

2nd place at the GLOF sprint.

GLOF was fun.
Working at download for a local NEOC meet.

Woooo rollerskiing. Attempting to take pictures of the juniors just get boring sometimes, and apparently my feet are more interesting.
Or Ali's feet. This was a perfectly acceptable fashion decision.

Night Weasels!

I wanted to race this weekend, but the whole road rash on the butt thing really kept me off my bike, and even though I can now ride, my legs are all weak. Alas and alack, this is the closest cross race of the season and I'm missing it. Hopefully I'll be pedaling again soon... at least running seems to be going ok so far, and rollerskiing. I can pretend to be a skier again!

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