Sunday, November 21, 2010

The queen of convoluted travel plans

There aren't many people who can rival me in making plans for the weekend super duper complicated. In this case, Ali and her boyfriend Dan were the victims. Because Ed was in Rochester at the HFL ski swap, selling rollerskis, I didn't feel much need to get to Boston on Friday. I just had to be there to coach, and to run the Blue Hills Traverse, on Sunday. I was hoping to get there early enough on Saturday to coach some of the juniors on the Littleton ski, but it turns out sleeping in is actually pretty nice. Ali was also heading to Boston to run the Traverse, and let herself get roped into my plans. Muahahahaha!

The plan went something like this...

Friday night: core strength, dinner, and planning for the Orienteering Superstars weekend with Peter, Gail, Ali, and Dan.

Saturday: Ali and Dan picked me up, we drive to Littleton, where Ali and I do a loop just to get a ski in, while Dan works on his paper (he does some orienteering, but we haven't gotten him on rollerskis yet).
Then they drop me in Concord, at my Aunt Susan's house, so I can eat lunch with her and catch up briefly.
Then Susan drops me at Heath Bridge, so I can coach Corey.
Then Corey's dad drops me at the train station, so I can hop on a train to Ross and Sam's house, site of the evening's festivities.
Then Ali and Dan can drop me at my house, on their way to Dan's sister's house in JP.

I bike to the Bermans' house, to buy a new compass from Larry (owner of Bermans O supply).
Ali meets me at the Bermans', to buy a ski-o map holder.
We leave Dan in Cambridge to hang out with his sister, and drive down to the Blue Hills.
Race, then return to JP to pick up Dan, return to Newton to get the rest of my stuff, and go back to Amherst.


I hear that some people spend their weekends raking leaves and watching TV. What a strange concept.

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